Woman Plunging a Clogged Drain in Leesburg FL

Absolute Worst Things To Put Down Your Sink

Do you remember back in November when we discussed the Absolute Worst Things To Flush Down Your Toilet? We’d like to follow up with that as we talk about the absolute worst things to put down your sink.

  • Grease, Fats And Oils– Grease, fats and oils are often in liquid form, so they can be confused with easily going down your drain. However, these will solidify and clog your pipes and wreck your plumbing. Additionally, melted fat from bacon or other meats will also clog your drain.
  • Cotton– Anything made of cotton is bad for your drain. Cotton is very absorbent and will expand in your drains and cause a blockage.
  • Unused Medications– Do not pour liquid medications or put pills down your drain. This is harmful to the environment and our water supply.
  • Paint– Paint is toxic to the environment and can cause problems in your drain. Dispose this in a dedicated waste facility.
  • Produce Stickers– If you’re standing at your kitchen sink and cleaning your fruits and vegetables, you may accidentally wash the produce sticker down your drain. These stickers can get stuck in your drains, caught on filters and cause many problems in your drain.

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