Answers To 3 Common Solar Panel Questions

At Absolute Best Plumbing in central Florida, we are the leading provider of solar panel service, repair and installation services. We are proud to offer our top quality Solene products. These products offer you a clean and cost effective way to heat the water in your home or commercial property. They offer you the ability to go green and also assist in conserving the environment.

“Will solar panels reduce my energy costs?” 

Yes, solar panels will reduce your energy costs! That’s good news. They can reduce your water-heating bill by up to 85%! The energy used is from the sun and it is free! Our Solene systems can also help you lower your taxable income and provide you with a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Utility, state and local rebates may also be available to solar panel users. 

“How long have solar panels been around?” 

The idea of solar panels began back in 1839 with the discovery of the photovoltaic effect by French scientist Edmond Becquerel. This effect happens when light is absorbed by a material and generates electrical voltage. From that time on it has been continuously proven that solar power was easy to harvest and maintain. They also demand fewer parts than other energy sources.

“Are solar panels a good choice for my home or business?”

You can depend on our experienced professionals at Absolute Best Plumbing to help you determine if solar panels are the right choice for your home or business. We will come to your home or commercial property and professionally install your Solene water heating system, with as little disruption to your home or business as possible. We will also provide any maintenance or repair services you may need in the future.

Call Absolute Best Plumbing in Leesburg, Florida today to get you on the road to utilizing solar panels in your home or business.

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