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Is a Tub-Shower Conversion the Makeover Your Bathroom Needs?

Bathroom after tub-shower convertion.

Have you decided to wait to buy a new home and want to make over some areas in your home? Whether you’re changing things up due to a potential future sale or because it’s time to make a change, two areas make the best investment of your money: the kitchen and the bathroom. Why Should…

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A Shower Replacement Can Update Your Whole Bathroom

Shower in a modern bathroom.

Undoubtedly, updating your bathroom can add value and appeal to your home. The bathroom is second only to the kitchen when it comes to getting a bang for your buck. Many people put off updating the bathroom because they can’t see a way to make it feasible. Let’s investigate a fast, affordable way to add…

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Is it Time to Replace Your Old Bathtub?

Bathroom with a modern bathtub.

Replacing an old bathtub can provide a quick way to fix major problems. A new, modern bathtub provides an instant facelift to a bathroom showing its age, even when a full renovation isn’t undertaken. Unlike older tubs, newer models come in a variety of depths, multiple size options for a better fit and can provide…

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The Quickest Way to Remodel Your Bathroom

Modern bathroom with a spacious tub and shower.

Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the house and can begin to look rundown over time. One of the largest portions of the bathroom is the bathtub or shower area, which can impact the overall appearance of your bathroom. If your bathroom needs a new look, one of the quickest ways to perform…

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What if Repiping Is Your Only Option?

Plumber fixing pipeline

Plumbing repairs can be as simple as replacing a washer or a faucet, or they can be an ongoing issue that never seems to end, especially if you live in an older home or one with Polybutylene piping. But what can you do when the piping system in your home keeps leaking and causing problems?…

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What You Need to Know About Water Line Repairs

Orlando FL plumber repairing water line

If you own a home in the Orlando area, you likely have a main water line that brings fresh water into your home. This pipe usually runs through your yard and connects to the public water system. A wide variety of hazards can damage this pipe – if it bursts or leaks, it can cause…

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Drain Odor Causes and How to Solve Them

A plumber turning his head away due to aodor from kitchen sink drain.

Do your drains smell bad? Odorous drains are a common plumbing issue with several potential causes. Some can be resolved with a simple home remedy, while others will require a professional plumber. Let’s review some likely causes and solutions to know if you need professional assistance. Most Common Drain Odor Causes There could be something…

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Dealing With the Disaster of Clogged Drains

A plumber unclogging pipes under a kitchen sink.

A functioning drainage system will process waste and water unnoticed until something goes wrong. Signs of a blocked drain may begin somewhat benignly, but will develop into a significant problem for your family or customers. Occasional gurgling sounds from your drains are not cause for concern. Air pressure changes within the piping can cause strange…

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Optimizing the Health of Your Septic Tank

vans parked on company parking lot

A properly functioning septic tank should be undetectable. Failure to provide proper maintenance leads to unpleasant issues like overflowing or backed-up drains and horrible odors. At Absolute Best Plumbing, we recommend some easy measures you can take to preserve the health of your tank. It is normal not to think about what happens to your…

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Got Your Spring Plumbing Checklist?

woman unclogging a sink in the kitchen

The most effective way to keep your home properly maintained and ready for anything is to keep regular checklists for maintenance duties, including the plumbing. Bringing in emergency help to fix a catastrophe is always more work and more money than keeping one step ahead. So, here are some plumbing issues to include on your…

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