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New Year, New Sewer Line?

Happy 2019 from our team at Absolute Best Plumbing! We’re proud to enter into another year as central Florida’s trusted source for expert sewer and septic service. If the beginning of the New Year has you wondering what’s wrong with your sewer line, we can help you diagnose, repair or replace it so it will work efficiently and effectively.

Three Reasons Your Sewer Line Might Not Be Working or Clogged

Reason #1 Tree Roots

If the roots of a tree on your property are acting as an intrusion to your sewer line, it will compromise its ability to function properly. Particularly during times of drought, the root of a tree will seek out any water it can find. If your sewer line has a small leak, the root will search it out, and surround it. Eventually, this can cause your pipe to break and lead to a blocked line.

Reason #2 Flushing Foolishly

If you don’t think before you flush certain items, it could cause your sewer line to clog. Items such as wipes, hair, feminine products, plastic or similar items will cause a clog. Also, don’t be fooled by the claims that there are “flushable wipes,” they are not actually flushable and can cause a clog.

Reason #3 Sewer Line Sagging

A sag in your sewer line causes clogging. The area that sags traps waste so it can’t pass through. The shifting of soil typically causes this sagging.

If you’re experiencing problems with your sewer line, contact Absolute Best Plumbing today. We will accurately diagnose the reason for the clog with our high-powered digital camera without disrupting your yard. We will repair or replace your sewer line based on our diagnosis. Call us today!

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