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Reasons Your Pipes Could Burst And Signs To Look For

Baby it’s cold outside! We know we’re speaking in relative terms. Our neighbors to the north of us are jealous of our average low of 49 degrees in February according to the U.S. Climate Data. But for most residents in Florida, we’re still a little chilly during this time of year. Bring back the flip-flops and t-shirts quickly please!

Northerners need to worry about freezing pipes that can be compromised in cold weather. This can result in water line failure that needs immediate attention. For us, we may have water failure as well, but for different reasons.

  1. Tree roots growing into your pipe
  2. Mineral buildup and residue
  3. High water pressure
  4. Acidic soil conditions
  5. Ground movement
  6. Deterioration

There are some common signs you can watch for if you ever are wondering if you have a pipe that has burst. You probably will notice a reduction in your typical water pressure. Sometimes this reduction is large and sometimes it may be a small one, depending on the size of your burst pipe. You also may begin to notice your water is becoming discolored. A stain on one of your walls may appear depending on where your water pipe burst.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms of a compromised water pipe, call Absolute Best Plumbing immediately. You will also want to turn off your main water supply to prevent more water from coming through the pipes until they are repaired.

For your expert water line replacement and repair services, you can trust our experienced professionals from Absolute Best Plumbing. We look forward to serving you.

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